Goals of the Oakvale Urban Orchard


OGCG’s Urban Orchard features:

  • Hardy fruit and nut trees suitable for our climate and most likely to bear fruit with minimal care
  • Native fruit and berry choices like paw paw, hazelnut and serviceberry will be included, bringing these important species back into the public mind
  • Varieties will also be selected based on a harvesting schedule which will ensure that fruit will be ready to pick in a continual succession throughout the season
  • The Orchard has been planned so as to require minimal upkeep through ‘“4-in-1” planting and the dwarfing of trees.

apple and cherry trees planted in tight groups of fourapple and cherry trees planted in tight groups of four

As Torontonians become more aware of the impacts of our global food industry, sourcing food locally has become a special priority in the public mind. Learning how to grow our own food becomes the next hurdle for urbanites.

[this page will be updated soon to describe harvests by Not Far from the Tree]

Thank you to our sponsors and partners for their generous contributions that are helping make the Urban Orchard a reality.

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