The Orchard


Oakvale Green Community Gardens has been working continuously to improve the quality of the green space just north of the Greenwood TTC subway yard and the lives of local residents through fruit, flower and vegetable gardens.

In keeping with the OGCG vision, Oakvale Gardens will be reviving and supporting the maintenance of an urban orchard, growing a wide selection of hardy native and domesticated fruit and nut trees as well as berry bushes. See more on the Goals of the Orchard.

Photos from the City of Toronto Archives show that an orchard once thrived in this area.

Photo from 1941

Photo from 1941, taken from where the Grand Trunk Railroad crosses Greenwood Avenue, looking northeast to an old orchard. This site would eventually become a brick quarry.

The initial planting event took place on October 25, 2010 and involved students from nearby pre-, elementary and high schools.

See pictures of the Orchard’s growth.

We hope that the orchard will become a place to learn about, care for, and harvest a seasonal succession of local produce as well as a place to reflect upon how people, working together and with minimal care, can provide fresh food to the local community in an urban setting.

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