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Spring 2013 – New Beginnings

Jesse's cherry treeApril 30, 2013
Spring has arrived and many of our gardeners have started planting spinach, lettuce and peas (mustard greens are also good). As the season for new beginnings, this spring also welcomes in a revitalised version of the Oakvale Green Community Gardens website. This site will be the public face of the Oakvale Greens Community Gardens and the old site (oakvalegardens.ca) will be decommissioned.

The Oakvale Green Yahoo Groups page will remain home of all official member information such as the member roll, by-laws and the membership agreement. All archived content on the Yahoo site is accessible only to oakvalegreen group members. Members who want to communicate with the group as a whole should continue to do so through the Yahoo Group page by posting a comment, which will be sent to all members.

The Oakvale Green Facebook page is still active so check in for more up-to-the-minute news and discussion.

This site will be expanded over the year but no promises as to how much. 😛

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March 24, 2012
Greetings! Welcome to the Oakvale Green Community Garden blog.

A community garden is defined as a single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people.That sums it up nicely, but of course, there’s so much more to it. Whether it’s an urban or rural patch of land, whether ornamentals and/or vegetables are planted, whether the gardeners are neighbours or strangers or a mix, each community garden has its own style, its own personality.

It’s rather like ‘terroir‘, the word French winemakers use to describe the special and unique characteristics of the earth that sustains their vines. The renowned wine author Hugh Johnson, writes that, “…it means the whole ecology of a vineyard: every aspect of its surroundings from bedrock to late frosts and autumn mists, not excluding the way a vineyard is tended, nor even the soul of the vigneron.”

Through this blog, we’ll all learn something about Oakvale Green and its terroir – the features of land, climate, location and relationships that make our garden grow.

A new season is upon us and we have some exciting plans for improving our flower gardens and helping all plot gardeners to enjoy the fruits (and veggies!) of their labour.

Stay tuned!

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