Watering Wisdom

The gardens are looking lush and lovely. Good-sized green tomatoes can be seen in many plots and there’s a beautiful patch of Triffids-like dill!

But, as our Master Gardener Gwen pointed out on Wednesday evening, watering is going to be crucial to veggie success. Oakvale’s location at the top of a rise means a hearty north wind blows the soil dry, fast. There has been some good rain, but it hasn’t been frequent enough to allow us to leave the watering cans idle.

Here are Gwen’s watering tips:

  • Use your finger as a water meter: if the soil is dry to the first joint, your garden needs water
  • Consistency is important: water at least twice a week
  • Thoroughness is equally important: Gwen advised that my 4×8 patch would be happiest with six full cans of water, not my usual four
  • Don’t over-water: that will produce bland, watery vegetables
  • Mulch is always your friend, but especially so in a dry summer

Gwen had some great mulch tips, as well, which I’ll share in another post soon!

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